Founded by Mick McMurry in 1996, Nerd Gas Company, LLC is a private, Wyoming-based energy investment company whose primary focus is on the efficient and responsible exploration of hydrocarbons in Wyoming and the northern Rocky Mountain region. Nerd Gas Company is one of Wyoming’s leading entrepreneurs in energy projects in a state recognized for the depth and breadth of its extensive mineral resources.

At the time of its founding, Nerd Gas Company was a successful working interest partner in the discovery and nine-year development of both the prolific Jonah and Pinedale Anticline Fields in Sublette County, Wyoming. These fields presented geological challenges which required new drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology in order to successfully extract natural gas in these areas. Jonah Field was sold to Alberta Energy (later changed its name to Encana) in June 2000, and the Anticline Field was sold in November 2001 to Shell.

Nerd’s energy resource development efforts did not end at the Jonah Field. Nerd is currently involved in conventional oil and gas exploration projects in the Wyoming-Utah Overthrust Belt and the Rocky Mountain region. Zones of interest are primarily traditional oil or gas-bearing Cretaceous sand reservoirs, traditional carbonate reservoirs and both structural and stratigraphic traps. Nerd is also currently invested in other BTU-potential projects in Wyoming, including a pure play uranium exploration project in the Powder River Basin.

Nerd Gas Company is proud of its talented group of professionals on staff that have spent the majority of their careers focusing on Rocky Mountain reservoirs and solving energy production challenges. Professional expertise includes land management, drilling and extraction, completions and production, and in-house energy financial analysis. The combination of strong capital, seasoned professionals and our owner’s entrepreneurial spirit allows Nerd Gas to take advantage of rapidly developing opportunities. In 2007, Nerd Gas Company was awarded the Torch Award for Business Ethics by the Rocky Mountain Region Better Business Bureau as Wyoming’s first-ever recipient of the award.

In 2008, Nerd Gas Company contracted with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to conduct a feasibility study investigating the technical and economic viability of locating a natural gas-to-liquids facility in the state of Wyoming. Initial feedback delivered by INL suggested Nerd continue to advance the project. Nerd has been working with technology providers and the state of Wyoming in a proposed modular designed GTL project located in central Wyoming.

In 2011, Nerd Gas, along with three local partners possessing significant geologic and exploration expertise, formed Stakeholder Energy, LLC. Stakeholder was formed to pursue large-scale uranium exploration in Converse County, Wyoming. Stakeholder has leased significant acreage ideally positioned between Cameco’s Highland Ranch processing facility and the Irrigary and Christensen Uranium mine sites.

Hard work and an innovative mindset drove Mick McMurry to where he is today – president and founder of Nerd Gas Company.

The eldest son of Wyoming entrepreneur W.N. “Neil” McMurry, Mick is a Wyoming native who graduated from Natrona County High School in Casper in 1964. Attending the University of Wyoming, Mick earned a B.A. in business administration in 1968.

After a military tour, he returned home and formed a construction company with his brother, Vic. McMurry Brothers Construction was established in April 1970. The company was dissolved in April 1988, and Mick began his venture in the oil and gas industry with McMurry Oil Company. Partnering with Neil and John Martin, Mick was integral in the development of the Jonah Field and Pinedale Anticline.

Mick went on to found Nerd Gas Company, a company that is motivated by the Wyoming State Code and continues to explore energy projects.

The McMurry Foundation was co-founded in 1998 by Mick and his wife, Susie. A philanthropic organization, their mission is to serve the youth, underprivileged and civic institutions of Natrona County and the rest of Wyoming.

In August 2004, Mick was named to the Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Hall of Fame. Four years later, he received the Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States (IPAMS) distinguished Wildcatter of the Year award.

Nerd Gas Company is connected to various entities through its owner, Mick McMurry. The McMurry family of companies boasts a versatile and expansive portfolio of capabilities with interests in equipment rental, commercial banking and vessel fabrication.

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