Stakeholder Energy, LLC

Stakeholder Energy LLC was formed in 2011 to pursue large-scale uranium exploration opportunities in the southern Powder River Basin of Natrona County, Wyoming.

Today Stakeholder now has approximately 70,000 acres of federal mineral claims and fee leases.

Working from existing uranium drill holes and oil and gas well information, Stakeholder designed an exploration program to evaluate uranium deposits in the central portion of the state.

Ultimately, uranium will be mined via a process that is significantly more environmentally friendly as compared to years past. The ore is mined “in-situ”, whereby the uranium is recovered by injection of benign carbon dioxide water into each ore deposit and processed onsite into yellow cake. This yellow cake is non-health threatening, and is exported in 55-gallon barrels to enrichment facilities elsewhere in the U.S. where it is enriched into fuel for nuclear reactors.

“The area being developed is in a uranium-rich spot where thick sandstones and high ore grade have already been found by operators of the Smith Ranch and Highland mines that are close by,” says NERD Gas Company owner, Mick McMurry.

“We are in the right place at the right time to develop a world-class resource in Wyoming. This resource development is an opportunity to add Wyoming jobs and contribute to the economy in a meaningful way,” he notes. “Everybody wins.”

Nerd Gas Company LLC is proud to be affiliated with Stakeholder Energy, a Wyoming project undertaken by Wyoming folks with Wyoming money to help fuel our country with cleaner, safer, and lower cost energy.